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Plastering Services For Your Home

We can offer a wide range of plastering and wall skimming. Skimming is what people think about when plastering is mentioned. Our plasterers can offer multiple coats, repairs, wall cracks, ceiling tiles, and various sizes of plasterboard fitted. Our professional plasterers will undertake all work to the very highest of standards and when complete will leave your property clean and tidy. Please call us for information and a free no-obligation competitive quotation.


High Quality Painting In All Areas Of The UK

We can offer all the elements of professional painting. Breathing new life, adding colour and visual appeal to any ceiling and part of a complete service!
The quality of our workmanship is at least and more importantly zero-defect rate. 
We strive to minimize any customer disruption.

Ceiling Reinstatement

Ceilings Perfectly Reinstated

As well as providing a full range of asbestos services, Blue Plastering, of course, specialises in providing ceiling reinstatement. This gives our clients the peace of mind knowing that once we have finished the asbestos aspects of a project, where relevant it will be reinstated to a high standard too! 
Working to industry standards, our fully licensed and accredited team possess the skills and expertise required to reinstate your ceilings quickly and professionally. 
We can provide replacement plasterboards in either single or double layers following removal as well as any repairs required to plasterboards where possible along with any repairs required to the ceiling structure and of course, plastering services in order to provide a perfectly smooth finish. 

Testing and

Is Your Property Safe Before Plastering

Surveys reveal that over 50% of homes constructed before 1998 contained asbestos products!
We can offer an extremely efficient and competitively priced asbestos testing and surveying service.
The carcinogen is not visible to the naked eye. 
How are the asbestos samples are collected?
Sincerely, it has always been sampling. This is a sample of water with anti-static / detergent. Then a small sample is taken (a sample of the size of a little fingernail). We then test and analyse samples in our database. The results are ready in around 24 - 48 hours.

Blue A Analytical 


Asbestos Removal

Licenced & Certified 

Blue A LTD are one of the premier and certified contractors offering Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Surveying, Sampling & Testing as well as Asbestos Collection & Disposal services across London and South East.
Our HSE guidance and Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We have extensive experience and are able to work in a professional environment.
We have dedicated team of experienced, skilled supervisors and operatives. 
We offer technically sound, unbiased advice; removal procedures based on both extensive training and our extensive experience within the asbestos industry.
Let our excellent reviews speak for us! 

Blue A Ltd